San Clemente Cabrillo Playhouse Stepping Out Friday June 23 2017

Cabrillo Playhouse Stepping Out June 2017

San Clemente Cabrillo Playhouse Stepping Out is Friday June 23 2017.

Stepping Out is on select dates in June 2017 thru July 2 2017.

Stepping Out is a rollicking comedy chronicles several months in the life of a beginning dance class.
Each of the eight students, who come from a variety of backgrounds, has his or her own reason for joining.

Whatever the cause, they make a point of coming every week to chat, relax and, if they can manage to, learn a couple of dance steps.

But before the dancing begins Mavis, their dance teacher, must mediate the minor dramas that erupt among this motley but loveable crew.

By their final performance, not only have the class members developed some degree of skill, but they have also overcome the inhibitions, awkwardness and personality conflicts that have kept them out of sync.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday Performance Time is at 8:00pm and Sunday Performance Time is at 2:00pm.

You can purchase tickets online at the Cabrillo Playhouse.

The Cabrillo Playhouse is located at 202 Avenida Cabrillo in San Clemente.

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