Dana Point Heat Advisory: Dana Point Cooling Center Opens Friday September 1 2017

Dana Point Town Center by southocbeaches.com

The Dana Point Community Center Cooling Center will be open during the expected Heat Wave in Orange County California on Friday September 1 2017 and Saturday September 2 2017.

Air conditioning, water and space to sit will be available for those in need.

The National Weather Service enacted at Heat Advisory for Dana Point California until 10:00pm Saturday September 2 2017.

A Heat Advisory means that a period of hot temperatures is expected which will create a situation in which heat illnesses are possible.

High Temperatures are expected to be 88 to 98 near higher coastal terrain and 82 to 88 at the beaches.

* Impacts…Those working or spending time outdoors, the elderly, children, and those unaccustomed to excessive heat will be most susceptible to dangerous heat illness.
Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstance.

* Outlook…Temperatures will lower a few degrees by the end of the weekend, but will remain above average.

Precautionary and Preparedness Actions During a Heat Advisory

Drink plenty of fluids
Stay in an air-conditioned room
Stay out of the sun
Check up on relatives and neighbors

California ISO Flex Alert Friday September 1 2017 1:00pm-10:00pm
A Flex Alert is a Voluntary Reduction in Power Use due to the Electric Grid being under stress

Reduce Your Use in the Following Recommended Ways

Conserve Electricity
Turn Off all Unnecessary Lights
Do Not Use Major Appliances
Set Air Conditioners at 78 Degrees or Higher

The City of Dana Point Community Center Cooling Center Hours

Friday September 1 2017: 8:00am thru 8:00pm

Saturday September 2 2017: 10:00am thru 6:00pm

The Dana Point Community Center is located at 34052 Del Obispo Street in Dana Point California.

If you have any questions regarding the cooling center please call the Community Center at (949) 248-3536.

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