Trestles Women’s Swatch Pro/Men’s Hurley Pro Surfing Contest is On Wednesday September 13 2017

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The Women’s Swatch Pro Trestles 2017 is first on Wednesday September 13 2017.
The Men’s Hurley Pro Trestles 2017 Round 3 is on Wednesday September 13 2017.
The Men’s Hurley Pro Trestles and Women’s Swatch Pro Trestles is ongoing thru September 17 2017.

Surfing Starts  at 8:00am Wednesday September 13 2017.

Surfline Forecast

Building 3-5’+ faces AM, filling in to 4-5’ occ. 6’+ faces by the end of the day.

Swell/Surf: New, long period S swell fills in through the day as the older S swell fades.

Wind/Weather: Light NW wind 2-5kts early, building WNW flow 8-12kts in the afternoon.

The Hurley Pro Trestles 2017 is a ongoing event that will continue through September 17 2017.

The surf contest is at Lower Trestles.

Lower Trestles can be accessed by exiting Interstate 5 at Basilone Road in San Clemente.

There is a $20.00 onsite parking fee at this entrance.

Overflow parking will be available with a free shuttle service.

For free parking you have to exit off Interstate 5 at Cristianitos Exit in San Clemente.

Women’s Swatch Pro Trestles 2017 Round 3 continues Wednesday September 13 2017

Heat 1
Silvana Lima BRA
Stephanie Gilmore AUS
Johanne Defay FRA

Heat 2
Carissa Moore HAW
Lakey Peterson USA
Tyler Wright AUS

Heat 3
Sally Sitzgibbons AUS
Niki Van Dijk AUS
Keely Andrew AUS

Heat 4
Courtney Collogue USA
Sage Ericsson USA
Pauline Ado FRA

Men’s Hurley Pro Trestles 2017 Schedule Round 3

Heat 1
Adriano de Souza BRA
Josh Kerr AUS

Heat 2
Sebastian Zietz HAW
Italo Ferreira BRA

Heat 3
Gabriel Medina BRA
Jadson Andre BRA

Heat 4
Frederico Morais PRT
Ezekiel Lau HAW

Heat 5
Adrian Buchan AUS
Wiggly Dantas BRA

Heat 6
Jordy Smith ZAF
Evan Geiselman USA

Heat 7
John John Florence HAW
Hiroto Ohhara JPN

Heat 8
Conner Coffin USA
Jeremy Flores FRA

Heat 9
Mick Fanning AUS
Kanoa Igarashi USA

Heat 10
Filipe Toledo BRA
Miguel Pupo BRA

Heat 11
Joan Duru FRA
Bede Durbidge AUS

Heat 12
Julian Wilson AUS
Ethan Ewing AUS

For complete coverage, including excellent video, photos and interviews, please link to the official website at Hurley Pro Trestles

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