San Clemente Open Skate Contest Saturday September 16 2017

Photo by South OC Beaches

The 17th Annual San Clemente Open Skate Contest is Saturday September 16 2017.

The event is at Ralph’s Skate Court.

Ralph’s Skate Court is located at 247 Avenida La Pata.

This is a San Clemente free family friendly event.

Ralph’s Skate Court offers Free Parking.

The skate contest starts at 8:00am.

Skateboarders of all ages from 7 and under to 18 and over, will have the opportunity to grind their way to the top of the competition showcasing their best run and tricks.

Every skateboarder receives an event shirt and goodie bag with the $35 registration fee.

Skaters must wear safety equipment.

Guest Judges: Tyler Hendley, Fabrizio Santos and PLG.

There will be music, food and a vendor fair.

Please visit the City of San Clemente Online Site for the Latest Updates

7:00am-8:00am Check In, Registration

8:00am-8:05am Opening Ceremony

8:10am-8:40am Male 5 Years and Under/Female 7 Years and Under

8:40am-9:50am Male 6-7 Years

9:50am-10:15am Female 8-12 Years/ Females 13-17 Years

10:15am-11:00am Male 8-9 Years

11:00am-11:45am Male 10-11 Years

11:45am-12pm Winners Announced! (Ages 11 and Under)

12:00pm – 12:20pm Lost Best Trick Contest (Ages 11 and Under)

12:20pm Open Skate

12:50pm-1:00pm: Females 17 Years of Age and Up

1:00pm-1:45pm: Males 12-13 Years of Age

1:45pm-2:30pm Males 14-16 Years of Age

2:30pm-3:10pm Males 17 Years and Up

3:10pm Winners Announced! (12 and Older)

3:20pm: Lost Trick Contest (12 and Older)

For more information please visit The City of San Clemente.

San Clemente Open Skate Contest September 16 2017

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