Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Plan Unveiled Thursday October 19 2017

Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Courtesy of Facebook.com:OCGOV
Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Courtesy of Facebook.com:OCGOV

The County of Orange detailed the plans for the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Thursday October 19 2017.
Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Plan has secured Dana Point Harbor Partners, LLC (DPHP) as the primary developer.
The selection was finalized earlier this week at the Orange County Board of Supervisors Meeting..

Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Highlights

116,000 square feet Commercial Retail Space

2 Hotels (1) 136 Room Affordable Hotel and (1) 130 Room Boutique Hotel

2296 Marina Slips

388 Dry Stack Boat Storage

Valet Boater Slips

4880 Parking Spaces for the Hotel and Commercial Core
(this reflects the current parking plus 2503 New Parking Spaces)

Restaurant/Outdoor Dining/Food Court

Marine Related Retail

Office Spaces

Surfing Museum

Marina/Dry Boat Storage

County of Orange Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Timeline

1968: Dana Point Harbor was created and is owned and operated by the County of Orange in trust for the public as a small boat marina pursuant to a State Tidelands Grant.

1971-1975: Dana Point Harbor Facilities Build

1997: The County of Orange recognized that much of the Dana Point Harbor infrastructure has deteriorated.
Recognizing the need for revitalization, the County of Orange Board of Supervisors created the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Task Force in 1997 to assist with the development of a comprehensive plan for Dana Point Harbor’s future.

January 31 2006: The Board adopted Resolution No. 06-014 approving the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Plan with proposed improvements through a two-phased approach, one addressing land-side developments and the other water-side developments.

July 2017: The County began Phase 1 of the revitalization which primarily focused on street improvements near the harbor.

January 2018: The remainder of the revitalization project is tentatively scheduled to begin.

February 2018: Possible Contract Draft Lease Submission for OC Board of Supervisors Approval

December 2018 thru December 2025: Construction scheduled. The schedule is approximate and subject to change based on timing of option term and lease approval.

Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Details

Dana Point Harbor Partners, LLC (DPHP) is a Newport Beach based development group:

Burnham Ward Properties for Retail & Restaurants

Bellwether Financial Group for the Marinas

R.D. Olson Development for the Hotels

Parking Structure Subsidy: DPHP is requesting a subsidy of up to $20 million from the County’s harbor reserve to construct the commercial two- or three-level core parking structure and the hotel podium parking structure.

Dana Point Harbor Maintenance: DPHP also proposes that during the lease term the County retain responsibility for the maintenance, replacement and repairs to the sea wall and regular dredging of the marina within the leased premises.

Dana Point Harbor Rent Payments: DPHP has estimated that rent payments to the County over the initial 10 lease years will be $47,130,352 and over the initial 20 lease years will be $117,190,251.

Orange County Board of Supervisors Comments on Dana Point Harbor Revitalization

Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, whose Fifth District encompasses Dana Point Harbor, said, “I’ve been committed to making this project a reality and believe the selection will provide the best vision and best overall project for Dana Point Harbor. Selecting a master developer represents a substantial and much needed investment for the County and the harbor.”

“Revitalizing Dana Point Harbor will spur economic development and provide not only better access to the coast, but a wider array of activities for residents and visitors who visit this wonderful coastal area,” said Chairwoman Michelle Steel, Second District Supervisor.

“This harbor revitalization project will be a great asset for the entire County, encouraging and enhancing public access for all residents,” said Vice Chair Andrew Do, First District Supervisor.

“The harbor revitalization is intended to enhance public access opportunities, provide updated visitor-serving commercial and marine recreational amenities, provide water quality improvements and promote coastal resource preservation throughout the harbor. Once completed, the harbor will be a space that all Orange County residents and visitors will benefit from,” said Supervisor Todd Spitzer, Third District.

Supervisor Shawn Nelson, Fourth District, said, “Now that we have selected a knowledgeable master developer, we need to work diligently to move this long-awaited project forward as expediently as possible.”

For more information please visit The County of Orange and Orange County Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Online.

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