Great California Shake Out South Orange County Beaches Thursday October 19 2017

California Shake Out 2017

The Great California Shake Out Earthquake Drills are Thursday October 19 2017 at 10:19am.
Over 822,000 people are registered in participate in Orange County California.

Millions of people worldwide will practice how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On at 10:19am on October 29 2017 during Great Shake Out Drills.

The Great California ShakeOut drills began in California in 2008.

Participating is a great way for your family or organization to be prepared to survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes– wherever you live, work, or travel.

Locally Laguna Beach Police Department, Capistrano Unified School District, R.H. Dana Elementary School, Vista del Mar Elementary, Concordia Elementary School, John Wayne Airport and Orange County Fire Authority will be participating in the Great Shake Out 2017.

Disaster Preparedness Tips

Conduct Earthquake: Duck, Cover & Hold drills every six months with your family.

Know the safest place in each room because it will be difficult to move from one room to another during a quake.

Stay away from heavy furniture, appliances, large glass panes, shelves holding objects, and large decorative masonry, brick or plaster such as fireplaces.

Keep your hallway clear. It is usually one of the safest places to be during an earthquake.

Stay away from kitchens and garages, which tend to be the most dangerous places because of the many items kept there.

Locate the shutoff valves for water, gas and electricity. Learn how to shut off the valves before a quake.

Stock up on at least a three-day supply of food, water, clothes, medical supplies and other necessary equipment for everyone in your family.
Make sure everyone knows where to find them.

Decide where and when to reunite your family should you be apart when an earthquake happens.

Choose a person outside the immediate area to contact if family members are separated.

Keep extra cash and change.

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