San Clemente I-5 Freeway Closure Overnight Tuesday October 24 2017

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The City of San Clemente will have a Full 5 Freeway Closure at Pico overnight on Tuesday October 24 2017.

The 5 Freeway will closed at Pico from 11:00pm Tuesday October 24 2017 thru 5:00am Wednesday October 25 2017.

The Freeway will be restriped into its final configuration.

Freeway traffic will be channeled to exit the Pico off-ramp and will continue to head straight onto the Pico on-ramp to get back on the freeway.

There will be cones and barricades across both sides of the Pico intersection, the only option for vehicles will be to continue straight onto the Southbound Pico on-ramp (no right/left turns will be permitted onto Pico).

The signal at Pico will be put on flashing red, but Flatiron will have a flagger at the intersection continuously directing thru traffic (cars will not stop).

Eastbound Avenida Pico traffic will be directed to use Avenida Vista Hermosa.

Westbound Pico traffic will be directed to the Northbound Pico on-ramp.

All detour signs will be in place during the closure, and all advance CMS warning signs should already be installed on the freeway and Eastbound/Westbound Pico.

For more information please visit The City of San Clemente.

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