Comic Con San Diego 2018 Special Guests Announced!

Comic Con by Deanne Crane for
Comic Con by Deanne Crane for

Comic Con 2018 Special Guests Announced by Deanne Crane for

Comic Con 2018 is in San Diego July 18 thru July 25 2018.
South OC Beaches will be covering Comic Con in July with all you need to know to enjoy Comic Con 2018.
Comic Con International already has many special guests lined up for Comic Con 2018!

Comic Con International San Diego 2018 Special Guests with Links to their Online Sites

Cory Doctorow • Author, Walkaway, In Real Life

Emil Ferris • Writer, artist, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters

Larry F Houston • Producer, director, The X-Men Animated series

Scott McCloud • Writer, artist, Understanding Comics, Zot!, The Sculptor

Alex Grecian • Author, The Saint of Wolves and Butchers, Proof, Rasputin, The Murder Squad series

R.C. Harvey • Author, historian, The Art of the Comic Book, Not Just Another Pretty Face

Lynn Johnston • Cartoonist, For Better or For Worse

Jeff Smith • Cartoonist, BONE, RASL

Brian Flies • Cartoonist, Mom’s Cancer, A Fire Story

Nalo Hopkinson • Author, Brown Girl in the Ring, Sister Mine

Paul Levitz • Writer, editor, publisher, comics historian, educator

Jason Lutes • Writer, artist, Berlin, Jar of Fools

Comic Con International Toucan Blog has regular online updates to Special Guests and all things Comic Con!

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