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#ChildsCry by Deanne Crane

The students in Parkland Florida asked the wrong people for help.
They asked their legislators for sensible gun laws to protect them.
Less than a week after witnessing seventeen classmates die, they are betrayed again, now by the Florida State Legislatures.
The Florida State Legislature refused to consider any changes to laws that allows a individual to purchase a weapon that can kill dozens of people in seconds.
Clearly the Parkland Florida students asked the wrong people for help.

Who can the Parkland Florida students ask now?
Who cares about these students safety?
Who cares if a child lives or dies?
A parent.
A parent is a child’s greatest ally.

A #ChildCrys moves parents to take care of their children.
Right now our children need for their parents to make their world safe.
Children and parents need to come together to demand that our legislators enact sensible gun laws.

Families need to be talking about this.
Parents remind their children about “stranger danger” and “saying no to drugs”.
Families need to be having conversations about Guns.
Parents need to explain to their children why having a semi automatic assault rifle is more important than their child’s life.

Our children are leading the way.
Today our children are showing us that we need to step up and be vocal on what we need from our lawmakers.
Our children need our help.
They need help creating a narrative that is more compelling than the one the NRA promotes.
Guns equal patriotism.
We know now that guns equal death.
A #ChildsCry needs to be the battle cry to awaken our nation.


Deanne Crane is a parent

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