Orange County Ocean Swimmers Health Advisory Tuesday March 13 2018

San Onofre by
San Onofre by

The Orange County California Health Care Agency issued a Ocean Swimmers Health Care Advisory.
Local Rain Fall can produce higher levels of bacteria levels in area waters.

The Environmental Health division of the OC Health Care Agency advises swimmers that levels of bacteria can rise significantly in ocean and bay waters, close to storm drains, and the outlets of creeks and rivers during and after rainstorms.

The elevated bacterial levels in the coastal ocean waters may continue for a period of at least 3 days depending upon the intensity of the rain and volume of the runoff.

Swimmers should avoid Orange County coastal waters during this time, and beach users should avoid contact with any runoff on the beach.

Storm drains, creeks, and rivers carry floodwaters and urban runoff to the ocean. Urban runoff may include fertilizers, road oils, animal wastes, and litter.

During and after rain events, discharges may contain large amounts of bacteria from a variety of sources such as animal wastes and decomposing vegetation.

Sewage is not normally present in the storm runoff since the sewer system is separate from the storm drain system.

In the event of a sewage spill, Environmental Health will quarantine the affected ocean or bay water area.

For information regarding Orange County ocean, bay, or harbor postings and closures, please call (714) 433-6400 or visit OC Beach Info

To report a sewage spill, please call (714) 433-6419.

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