California Coastal Commission Meeting Live Stream Wednesday July 11 2018

Strands Beach Dana Point by
Strands Beach Dana Point by

The California Coastal Commission monthly public meeting is in Santa Cruz California Wednesday July 11 2018 thru Friday July 13 2018.
The Public is Encouraged to attend.

The California Coastal Commission July 2018 Meeting Location

The California Coastal Commission Meets at Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley
located at 6001 La Madrona Drive Scotts Valley California
Contact Phone :(415) 407-3211 (active during meeting only)

The California Coastal Commission rotates their monthly meetings throughout the State of California.

Your voice can be heard at the California Coastal Commission Meeting.

If you have any concerns about California Beach issues you may address the Commission.

General Public Comment Rules
Public comments will be heard at 9:00am for items not on the agenda, for no more than 30 minutes.
For those unable to attend the early comment period, there may be additional comment time available later in the day.
Note: Comments made during the general public comment period regarding matters pending before the Commission do not become part of the official record for those matters.

California Coastal Commission Agenda Wednesday July 11 2018

The Scheduled items for Wednesday July 11 2018 will focus on Southern California.

Proposed Discussion Items on Wednesday July 11 2018 Include:

Executive Directors Report

Public Education Briefing on Marine Debris and Coastal Cleanup Day

San Clemente: Application of Sharon Alvey to add 688 sq.ft. and remodel 1,209.8 sq.ft. single-family home with attached 185.3 sq.ft. garage, on canyon top lot at 126 Trafalgar Lane in San Clemente.

California Coastal Commission Public Hearings Wednesday July 11 2018

City of Newport Beach: Public hearing and action on the City of Newport Beach’s request to amend the Implementation Plan (IP) portion of the certified LCP to designate the Lido Villas community as a Planned Community, add a regulation to allow public hearings to be waived for ‘minor developments’, and correct a number of inconsistencies and clarify ambiguities in the language of the IP.

City of Newport Beach: Public hearing and action on revised map depicting areas within the City of Newport Beach subject to the Commission’s permit and appeal jurisdiction after transfer of permit authority pursuant to Section 30613 of the Coastal Act.

UC Santa Barbara: for construction of approx. 16,026 sq.ft. student garden with raised planter beds, 100 sq.ft. shed, 160 sq.ft. greenhouse, 240 sq.ft. pergola for outdoor classroom space, and 220 cu.yds. of fill located on the West Campus at University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County.

City of Santa Barbara: Public hearing and action on the County of Santa Barbara’s request to amend the Implementation Plan of its certified Local Coastal Program to revise existing regulations and permit procedures in order to accommodate the rebuilding of structures damaged or destroyed during a debris flow event or other natural event resulting in significant change in topography or alteration of drainage features.

City of Long Beach: Public hearing and action to extend time limit for Commission action up to one year for certification of City of Long Beach LCP Amendment No. 2-18. Amendment No. 2-18 would amend the Implementing Ordinances (IP) portion of the certified LCP in order to revise regulations regarding tattoo parlors

California Coastal Commission Closed Session Agenda Items Include

Litigation: Martins Beach 1 LLC et al. v. Turnbull Sanders et al

California Coastal Commission Mission

The mission of the California Coastal Commission is to protect, conserve, restore, and enhance environmental and human-based resources of the California coast and ocean for environmentally sustainable and prudent use by current and future generations.

The Commission holds monthly public meetings of three to five days in length in different locations throughout the state.
The Commission meetings provide an opportunity for the Coastal Commissioners to take public testimony and to make permit, planning, and other policy decisions.
Prior to each meeting, Commission staff collects and analyzes information pertinent to meeting agenda items and prepares written staff reports with recommendations for Commission action.
These staff reports are available for public review, by contacting the appropriate Commission office. Some
elected staff reports are also available electronically by means of a link from the Commission’s
Meeting Notice.

For more information please visit California Coastal Commission.

You can watch the California Coastal Commission Meetings at California Coastal Commission Meeting Live Stream

* Any announcements regarding Commission actions will be made in public after the conclusion of the closed session.

Any announcements will also be posted on the Commission’s online agenda.

California Coastal Commission Scheduled Meetings

Wednesday August 8 2018 thru Friday August 10 2018:
Redondo Beach Library located at 303 North Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach California

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