California Highway Patrol Maximum Enforcement Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

California Highway Patrol Maximum Enforcement Period
The California Highway Patrol Maximum Enforcement Period (MEP) is full swing during the Thanksgiving 2017 weekend.
The CHP will focus on impaired drivers, but officers will also watch for distracted driving, speeding, and seat belt violations, as well as motorists in need of assistance.

The MEP begins at 6:01pm on Wednesday November 21 2018 and continues through 11:59pm on Sunday November 25 2018.
During the MEP, CHP officers will educate motorists and enforce traffic safety laws throughout the state to ensure everyone has a safe holiday.

Officers will be actively looking for unsafe driving practices, including seat belt violations, speed, distracted driving and, of course, signs of driving impairment.

Last year, the Automobile Club of Southern California estimated that 5.37 million Californians were planning to travel by motor vehicle this Thanksgiving weekend.

This year that number is likely to increase.

In 2017 saw a 61 percent increase in fatalities during the same time period in 2016, from 31 to 50 people killed as a result of collisions within CHP’s jurisdiction.

Not wearing a seat belt can be a fatal decision in a collision.

According to the CHP’s 2017 Thanksgiving MEP data, among the 46 people killed in collisions within CHP jurisdiction, 59 percent of those, or 27 people, were not wearing a seat belt.

Research continues to show that wearing a seat belt is one of the simplest things people can do to stay safe when traveling in a vehicle.

“Whatever your destination this Thanksgiving, remember to buckle up and avoid distractions while driving and give yourself plenty of time for your trip so you and your passengers can arrive safely,” CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley said.
“Remembering to wear your seat belt every day is a good practice, but take extra care over the long holiday to ensure you are able to enjoy the festivities with friends and family.”

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