Dana Point Science Night Wednesday January 9 2019

Insect Image Courtesy of WordPress Pexels
Insect Image Courtesy of WordPress Pexels

Dana Point Free Family Friendly Science Night is Wednesday January 9 2019.
Science Night will focus on “Are the Earth’s Insects Disappearing?”.

Dana Point Science Night is at The Dana Point Community Center at 6:30pm till 8:00pm.

UCI Professor Dr. Peter Bryant will examine the issue of Are the Earth’s Insects Disappearing?

About three quarter of the species on this planet are insects – about 1 million species have been fully described and another 4 million or so are estimated to exist.

However, alarming new data from many parts of the world suggests that they are declining rapidly, leading to the decline of birds and other insectivores.

Dr. Peter Bryant will review the evidence, discuss the possible reasons and suggest some solutions.

Presentations feature local and esteemed experts from the scientific community.

The Dana Point Community Center is located at 34052 Del Obispo Street.

Learn about current Science-related topics presented in a family-friendly format.

Generally, hands-on activities and/or displays will be present and geared towards children.

Please contact the Natural Resources Department for more information at
DPnaturalresources@danapoint.org or (949) 248-3527

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