Dana Point City Council Meeting Tuesday January 15 2019

Statue of Liberty Courtesy of NPS
Statue of Liberty Courtesy of NPS

Dana Point City Council meets Tuesday January 15 2019 at 6:00pm at Dana Point City Plaza.
The Council will be reviewing how items are placed on the Agenda.
Dana Point Online Chat Rooms reflect Citizens concerns that this may affect equal representation for all citizens of Dana Point.
The public is encouraged to attend and comment.

Proposed Discussion Items Include

Mayor Joe Muller wants to review and consider change to how Council Members place Items on Agenda
Mayor Muller’s reasoning is that “In the past two years the City Council has seen an increasing number of agenda items placed on the agenda by City Council Members.”

Dana Point Area Citizens have expressed concerns that if Mayor Muller is unhappy with the increase number of Agenda Items, then a reasonable person would conclude that Mayor Muller wants less Agenda Items.

Currently each City Council Member can put Items to be discussed on the City Council Meeting Agenda.
This allows each member to representative the needs of their community at City Council Meetings.
This allows each member to have a voice at the City Council Meeting.
Current Dana Point Council Policy allows each Council Member a uniform process on putting items on the City Council Meeting Agenda.

San Rafael California City Council uses a different system to place items on their Agenda.
In San Rafael California , The City Manager and The Mayor set the Agenda Items.
Another way they can set the Agenda in San Rafael, is to have a consensus of at least (3) members.

Dana Point recently changed their election system to a Districting system.
Each Council Member representatives a different district of Dana Point.

Mayor Muller has not disclosed what kind of change he wants to see in the Agenda Item System.

If the system is changed to limit who controls the Agenda, then equal representation will not be possible in the City of Dana Point.

Current Dana Point Council Policy 201

A. The Council Member initiating the action shall ask the City Clerk to place the item on the Agenda under a heading other than Council Comments.
B. Written material regarding the item shall be provided by the Council Member initiating the action to the City Clerk by Monday, one week and one day before the meeting, at 5:00 p.m.
Council Members may place items on the Agenda under Council Comments without written back-up, but no action may be requested of Council regarding that item.

You can attend the Dana Point City Council Meeting and hear what the new proposals are for how items are placed on the Agenda.
This Discussion is scheduled to be the last item to be discussed at the Meeting.
Your voice can be heard on all matters that affect The City of Dana Point.
You can attend the meeting and speak, you can write to The City Council and you can write to the City Council through emailing the City Clerk at kward@danapoint.org.

Dana Point City Council Other Noteable Agenda Items

Dana Point 2018 Community Survey Results

Dana Point Long Term Financial Plan/Budget Priorities Workshop #1: Facilities & Parks

Establish Doheny Village Plan Capital Improvements Reserve Account

Dana Point City Council Appointed Representative and City Commissions, Committees, Subcommittees and Task Forces

FM3 Districting Survey Results

Dana Point receive a copy of the OCSD study by Matrix no later than 1/28/19 and that this item be placed on the agenda for the first Council meeting in February to discuss or hear why the report is not available.
Last year, Dana Point paid $13,000 to participate in a 13 contract city study of OCSD to determine the cause of OCSD’s annual contract increases far beyond the yearly cost of living. Results were promised to be delivered prior to the November 2018 election.

Recommended Action: Dana Point host a free multi-week citizen awareness program for residents to learn about city operations and how to participate in civic affairs.

Dana Point Limited Street Parking (i.e.: Lantern District)

Dana Point Community Engagement

Dana Point City Council encourages the community to participate in the Public Comments portion of the meeting.

In order to conduct a timely meeting, there will be a three-minute time limit per person and an overall time limit of fifteen minutes.

You can write a letter to the Dana Point City Council at 33282 Golden Lantern Street Dana Point CA 92629.

You can email the Dana Point City Council via Dana Point’s City Clerk, Kathy Ward and ask her to please distribute to the Dana Point City Council.
Kathy’s Email Address is kward@danapoint.org

The Next Dana Point City Council Meeting is scheduled Tuesday February 5 2019.

For more information please visit Dana Point City Council Meeting Agenda

Dana Point City Council Chambers is located at 33282 Golden Lantern Suite 210.

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