Dana Point Summer Trolley Funding and Expansion Outlook Positive Thru June 2024

Dana Point Trolley 2016

Dana Point Summer Trolley is expected to extend to Weekend Service thru the first weekend in October 2019.
Dana Point Trolley Service Funding is expected to Extended thru June of 2024.

The City of Dana Point has been awarded the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Project V Grant in the amount of $1,745,065 to help fund the Dana Point Trolley.

The Dana Point City Council is expected to approve a cooperative agreement with OCTA on Tuesday February 5 2019 at the Dana Point City Council Meeting at 6:00pm.

The Cooperative Agreement requires that the City must maintain minimum passenger boarding requirements to remain eligible for the grant funding.

Dana Point Trolley Expansion

The new OCTA grant funding agreement includes expansion of the Dana Point Trolley.
The Dana Point Trolley Daily Service is expected to begin on Friday May 24 2109 (Friday before Memorial Day weekend) through Labor Day Monday September 2 2019.
The Dana Point Trolley is expected to add Weekend service on (Saturday and Sunday) after the Labor Day Weekend.
This Fall Weekend Service is expected to extend thru the first weekend in October 2019.

Dana Point Trolley Future Expansion Goals

Establishing additional connection point(s) with neighboring cities to create a seamless transit program for South Orange County cities.

Provide a convenient travel option for the community, particularly with the recent loss of OCTA bus services in our area.

To provide uninterrupted continuity of operating years for the Dana Point Trolley beyond the conclusion of the original 2014 Project V grant award (expiration date of June 30, 2021).

To continue to function as a regional hub to surrounding cities operating trolley programs with existing or future Project V funding. These cities include Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano and the community of Rancho Mission Viejo (and others).

Dana Point Trolley History

Summer of 2015: Dana Point Trolley Summer Weekend Only Service Begins and connects to Laguna Beach Trolley. (21,568 passengers served)

Summer of 2016: Dana Point Trolley Summer Daily Service Begins (86,175 passengers served)

Summer of 2017: Dana Point Trolley Summer Daily Service with a added connection to San Juan Capistrano.(88,691 passengers served)

Summer of 2018: (78,797 passengers*)
*The elimination of several special events throughout the summer months resulted in the vast majority of the ridership reduction throughout Summer 2018.

Dana Point Trolley Projected 2019 Expansion

Summer of 2019: Dana Point Trolley Summer Daily Service begins Friday May 24 2019

San Clemente Trolley Summer Daily Service Connects to Dana Point Trolley at Camino de Estrella at Calle Verano

Fall of 2019: Dana Point Trolley Weekend Service begins Saturday September 7 2019

Dana Point City Trolley Funding

In order to continue the trolley service through FY24, the City committed to providing an additional amount totaling $499,128 (beginning in FY21-22 through FY23-24 only ) for costs above and beyond the $550,000 grant maximum through the conclusion of the program.

City match funding (both the 10% match plus the additional City funding needed to fund the trolley program) totals approximately $693,024 and would come from the existing Coastal Transit Fund, not the General Fund.
The Coastal Transit Fund has roughly $593,000 in fund balance as of January 2019.

For more information please visit the City of Dana Point

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