San Clemente Condemns The Toll Roads Alleged Wasteful Spending Thursday March 14 2019

The Toll Roads

The City of San Clemente will Introduce Measures to Protect Taxpayers and Stop Government Waste at the Transportation Corridor Agencies TCA Board Meeting Thursday March 14 2019.

This is the first board meeting of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) following the shocking March 11 2019 Los Angeles Times Investigative Report that detailed alleged potential fraud and alleged wasteful government spending.

The City of San Clemente issued a Press Release on Wednesday March 13 2019 stating that “TCA Board Members from the City of San Clemente, Council Member Dan Bane and Council Member Laura Ferguson, will be introducing measures to protect South Orange County taxpayers and stop wasteful government spending and potential fraud.”

UPDATE: San Clemente Councilmembers Introduce Motion at TCA Board Meeting for Independent Third-Party Audit and Suspension of All Consultant Contracts Until Audit is Complete
The City of San Clemente Issued a Statement on The Toll Road Meeting on March 14 2019 :
San Clemente City Council Members and TCA Board Members Dan Bane and Laura Ferguson introduced a motion calling for an independent, third party audit of the TCA’s consultant agreements.
The motion further stated that while the audit was ongoing, all current consultant agreements be suspended until the results are made public.
The TCA Board refused to even debate this motion and instead allowed the TCA to spend approximately $750,000 for consultants for the months of March and April to do things like read the news at $185 per hour.

The Toll Roads Board Meeting is at TCA Headquarters in Irvine at 9:30am.

Your voice can be heard at all TCA Board Meetings
The public may address the Boards regarding any items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Boards, but no action may be taken on off-agenda items unless authorized by law.
Comments shall be limited to two (2) minutes per person for comments, unless different time limits are set by the Chair subject to the approval of the Boards.

For more information the TCA Meeting Agenda is Online

Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) is located at 125 Pacifica in Irvine

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