California Hollister Ranch Access Program Updates May 8 2019

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The California Coastal Commission Hollister Ranch Beach Access Program will be presented at The California Coastal Commission Wednesday May 8 2019 Meeting in Oxnard California.

At the December 2018 California Coastal Commission Meeting, staff presented an Informational Briefing on the status of the 1982 Hollister Ranch Access Program. At the conclusion of the public discussion, the Commission directed staff to pursue a comprehensive update to that Plan.
Since December 2018 the following steps have been initiated.

California Coastal Commission Hollister Ranch Access Update May 2019

Legislation Introduced

Assembly member Limón introduced AB 1680 on February 27, 2019 which, if enacted, would direct the Coastal Commission and Coastal Conservancy to prepare a contemporary update to the Coastal Commission adopted 1982 Hollister Ranch Access Program.
Assembly member Limón stated in her 2/27/19 letter to Commission and Conservancy that: “It is my intent to continue to work with all stakeholders, including ranch owners, so that this year AB 1680 includes a comprehensive plan that builds on the fundamental principal that access to our parks, beaches and public resources should be available for everyone to enjoy regardless of their zip code”. AB 1680 was submitted in response to Governor Brown’s veto of AB 3524 (Limón) which was intended to support the opening of public access to Hollister Ranch beaches.
Governor Brown’s veto message (September 30, 2018) stated that the 1982 Access Program is outdated and should be updated to craft a sensible and fiscally responsible plan.

State Agency Team Established

As reported at the March 2019 Commission meeting, a Collaboration Agreement to expand and enhance public access to Hollister Ranch.
This Agreement is between four State agencies (Commission, Conservancy, State Parks, State Lands) was signed March 1, 2019.
With this agreement as a guide, Legislative staff from all four agencies are currently working together on consensus draft language that will be offered as potential amendments to the bill.

The four state agency directors and Chair Bochco met with the Hollister Ranch Owner’s Association on March 28 2019 and toured the Hollister Ranch shoreline.

California State Lands Commission Presentation

At the State Lands Commission meeting on April 5 2019:
State Lands staff presented results of their Mean High Tide Line survey conducted this past winter, as well as showed extensive drone footage of the beach areas.
A representative from the State Lands Commission staff will present this same information at the Coastal Commission meeting on Wednesday May 8 2019 Executive Director’s Report.

Hollister Ranch Drone Footage Courtesy of California State Lands Commission is on You Tube

If you want to review the State Lands Commission 4/5/19 briefing, the 33 minute long presentation can be viewed at: California State Lands Commission Meeting on Cal Span (Hollister Ranch item VI-73 begins at minute 52:00)

RFP Posted for Environmental and Consulting Services

The State Coastal Conservancy has taken the lead on a consultant search to assist in the public outreach efforts and development help of a contemporary Public Access Program for Hollister Ranch.
The Conservancy has provided $50,000 for Phase I which includes community engagement, planning, environmental, and landscape architectural services.
We hope that there will be an additional funding source, so that Phase II can be initiated.
Phase II would include continued public input, and community engagement, refinement of the plan, outline of the regulatory permits and processes, estimated budget for completing the plan, and identification of the critical path toward implementation.
The deadline for RFP submittals was April 19 2019; the State Agency Team is currently reviewing the submittals and the Conservancy expects to award the contract in the near future.

California Coastal Commission Hollister Ranch Online Information

The Commission maintains a Hollister Ranch webpage The California Coastal Commission Online Site
All pertinent documents for the Hollister Ranch Access Program (e.g. 12/14/18 Informational Briefing materials, Collaboration Agreement, etc.) are posted there.
There is also an option to send and view all email comments submitted by the general public: From January 14, 2019 to April 24 2019, 15 letters were received.
(The 450 + letters previously received from December 10, 2018 through January 14, 2019 are found at the webpage).

Hollister Ranch California Map Image Courtesy of California Coastal Commission
Hollister Ranch California Map Image Courtesy of California Coastal Commission

California Coastal Commission Meeting is Streamed Live Online

For more information on the Wednesday May 8 2019 Meeting please visit South OC Beaches California Coastal Commission Meeting Information

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