Laguna Beach Asks Residents to Reduce Water Usage Friday November 29 2019

Reduce Water PSA

The City of Laguna Beach is asking residents to voluntarily reduce water usage through Friday morning on November 29 2019 due to a Sewage Leak.

UPDATE: The City of Laguna Beach reported at 12:15pm on Friday November 29 2019, that the pipe has been repaired and that Laguna Beach Residents can return to normal water usage.

The goal is to decrease impact to the wastewater system while repairs are made to a sewage pipe leak near the Aliso and Woods Canyon Wilderness Park.
The leak is isolated and draining into Aliso Creek.
The leak is coming from a broken City wastewater pipe and not associated with The Ranch Golf Course.

Specialized equipment and crews required to bypass and repair the line are on-scene.
They will be working through Friday morning on November 29 2019 to affect repairs.

While repairs are made, residents are being asked to conserve water to decrease the impact on the wastewater system. Residents are asked to avoid any unnecessary uses of water, including washing clothes, running the dishwasher and taking baths or long showers.
This event does not impact drinking water.

The sewage leak has prompted the Orange County Health Care Agency to issue several beach closures as a precaution. All beaches from Poche Beach in San Clemente to Pelican Point at Crystal Cove remain temporarily closed for water contact.
State law requires temporary closure and posting at beaches in these situations until the water quality meets State requirements.
The community is encouraged to pay close attention to any warning signs posted at the beach for their safety.
Water monitoring will continue until results comply with State water quality standards.

The leak does not affect any roadways into or out of the City of Laguna Beach and does not affect the Downtown area. Find more information on current beach closures on the Orange County Health Care Agency’s website at OC Beach Info

For more information please visit The City of Laguna Beach

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