Laguna Beach Garden Club Explores Succulents on Friday December 13 2019

California Native Plants by
California Native Plants by

The Laguna Beach Garden Club meets Friday December 13 2019.
The Laguna Beach Garden Club hosts guest speakers each month.
The public is encourage to attend.

Special Presentation Friday December 13 2019 at 9:30am:

Expert Gardner and Designer Nan Sterman
Perfect Pairings: Tasty Succulent & Non-Succulent Plant Combinations

While waterwise succulents are beautiful on their own, says Nan, they are even more striking when paired with non-succulent plants.
Together, they offer contrasts in color, texture, shape and more.
She will show some beautiful combinations of succulents and non-succulents for many garden styles and discuss the infrastructure and practices that keep “blended” gardens healthy and thriving.

The Laguna Beach Garden Club meets at Tankersley Fellowship Hall of Laguna Presbyterian Church.
The church is located at 415 Forest Avenue.
The hall is on Second Street midway between Forest Avenue and Mermaid Street.
The entrance to the hall is across the courtyard from the sanctuary.

If you are thinking about joining, please join them today at their meeting!

The Laguna Beach Garden Club was founded over 80 years.
The Laguna Beach Garden Club supports a wide variety of projects.
Focus is on education in gardening, horticulture, landscape and floral design, conservation, ecology, and bird life.

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