Dana Point Development Update February 2020

Strands Beach Dana Point by southocbeaches.com
Strands Beach Dana Point by southocbeaches.com

Dana Point Development Update at Dana Point City Council Meeting Tuesday February 18 2020.

Dana Point Development Strategic Plan Implementation Focus

Evaluate land use issues to insure that the goals, policies and programs of the General Plan reflect the community’s vision and mission

Maintain, modernize and beautify the City’s infrastructure and neighborhoods

Foster a vibrant business climate

Dana Point Development Update for February 2020 is Online at The City Of Dana Point Online Site

Projects which are approved, under review, and under construction are currently available to view at Dana Point About Dana Point Site.

Dana Point Development 2020 Interactive Map is Online
Dana Point Development 2020 Map

Doheny Village Updates are Online

March 25 2020 at 6:00pm: Dana Point Village Impact Report Scoping Meeting at Dana Point Community Center located at 34052 Del Obispo Street

Dana Point Sea Level Rise

California Coastal Commission awarded the City of Dana Point a grant of $110,000 (on November 13 2019), to address the impacts of Sea Level Rise.

Dana Point Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment (October 2019) Is Online

Dana Point Short Term Rentals

City Council directed the City Manager (on October 1 2019), to develop and conduct a statistically valid resident survey focused on short term rental policy.

Dana Point Historical Inventory

Dana Point Historical Preservation Information is Online

Dana Point is primarily a developed community; therefore, most new development is the redevelopment of land that was previously developed or made ready for development.
The City’s involvement in development review can be broken down into three primary categories:

Land Use Control (Planning)

Dana Point Planning

Dana Point Zoning

Land Suitability (Engineering)

Ensuring that the land considered for development is suitable for the project

Structures (Building)

Ensuring that new projects are designed and built in conformance with the California Building Code

Dana Point Development Update January 2020
Dana Point Development Update January 2020

Dana Point City Council Meeting is at 6:00pm at Dana Point City Council Chambers at 33282 Golden Lantern

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