Orange County Parks Reminds Visitors To Social Distance Saturday March 28 2020

Surfer at salt creek beach
Surfer at salt creek beach

Orange County Parks Reminds Everyone to Social Distance when visiting Orange County Parks.

Orange County California County Parks Implements CoronaVirus (COVID19) temporary actions and closures Wednesday March 18 2020 thru April 5 2020.

OC County Parks temporary actions and closures are enacted to minimize the impacts of CoronaVirus (COVID19) on park patrons, staff, and the Orange County community at large.
OC County Parks are enacting measures that are consistent with the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Governor’s office, and the Orange County Health Care Agency.

Please maintain social distancing and hygiene practices when visiting Orange County Parks.

OC County Parks Temporary Actions and Closures

Orange County Parks and Beaches Parking Lots Are Closed

Orange County Parks and Beaches Restrooms Are Closed

Orange County Parks Do’s

Observe Social Distancing of at least 6 Feet At All Times

Go On A Hike

Ride Your Bike

Walk Your Dog

Ride Your Horse

Read A Book

Go Birding

Enjoy Fresh Air

Orange County Parks Don’ts

Gather In Groups

Have A Barbecue

Enter Closed Areas

Play on the Playground

Work Out Using Park

Exercise Equipment

OC Parks Closures Include

Orange Zoo is closed.

OC Parks Headquarters Closed

Mix Nature Center at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Closed

The Muth Interpretive Center at Upper Newport Bay Closed

The Interpretive Center at Clark Regional Park Closed

All Nature Centers at Regional Parks Closed

Arden: Helena Modjeska Historic House and Gardens Closed

Heritage Hill Historical Park Closed

Irvine Ranch Historic Park Closed

Old Orange County Courthouse Closed

Parks Offices are Closed at:
Carbon Canyon
Laguna Niguel
Mile Square
Santiago Oaks

Campsites at O’Neill Regional Park Closed

Campsites Caspers Wilderness Park Closed
(OC Parks is suspending new reservations, including camping reservations, and permit requests)
If you have a reservation or permit for an event or activity occurring from March 16 2020 through April 5 2020, OC Parks has already begun initiating refunds.
OC Parks will be reaching out to you directly with more information.

Events/Programs/Activities Are Cancelled at All Parks

All scheduled volunteer programs and activities canceled.

Contact OC Parks For more information

Staff is available to answer your questions.
Call the parks for more information and practice safe social distancing.
Contact information for all our parks can be found by visiting the OC Parks website at OC Parks

COVID-19 Information Pages Are Online

OC Parks CoronaVirus (COVID19) Information Page

Orange County Emergency Operations Center Facebook Page

Orange County Public Health (COVID-19) Information Page is Online

Orange County Public Health (COVID-19) Health Referral Hotline Number is 1 (800) 564-8448

California Department of Public Health (COVID-19) Information is Online

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (COVID-19) Information is Online

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