San Diego Blood Bank Needs Blood Plasma For COVID-19 Patients

San Diego Blood Bank
San Diego Blood Bank Needs Blood Plasma Donations For COVID-19 Patients.
If you have recovered from COVID-19, your Convalescent Plasma may help other patients.

Blood Plasma For COVID-19 Patients Main Points

Convalescent Plasma May Help COVID-19 Patients

While COVID-19 has no proven treatment, plasma donated by those who have recovered (called convalescent plasma) may help patients fighting COVID-19.
This is because your body has developed antibodies against the virus.
Historically, convalescent plasma has been successfully used to treat similar diseases such as the Spanish Flu, SARS, MERS, and H1N1.

Qualify to Donate Convalescent Plasma

Fill Out A Form At San Diego Blood Bank Online Site

Convalescent Plasma Donors May Qualify If You Had

A positive test (including a positive antibody test) and have not had symptoms for 28 days.

A positive test, have not had symptoms for 14 days, and have a subsequent negative PCR test.

Symptoms and No Test.
Please fill out the form as more testing options may become available.
Donors must also meet the standard requirements for blood donation and will be screened at the time of donation.

San Diego Blood Bank Locations
San Diego Blood Bank has locations throughout San Diego County.
Once you are qualified, they will help you find a convenient location.

Convalescent Plasma Donors Medical Records

San Diego Blood Bank can work with your healthcare provider to obtain proper records.

Convalescent Plasma Donations May Help 3-4 COVID-19 Patients

Each plasma donation is usually 800-1000 mL and one dose for a COVID-19 patient is 200-250 mL.

Your donation can help as many as 3-4 people fight this virus!

Convalescent Plasma Donation Process

Plasma is donated through a process called apheresis.
Your blood is collected and processed in real time to separate the plasma and return the rest of the blood components (red blood cells and platelets) back to you.
The entire process, including registration and recovering in the canteen area for 15 minutes post donation takes approximately 75 minutes.

Convalescent Plasma Donation Intervals

Normal plasma donation intervals are every 4 weeks.
Depending on how much is donated at one time, you may be able to donate convalescent plasma more frequently.
San Diego Blood Bank will work with you directly to determine what is appropriate.

For more information please call (619) 400-8251 or email:

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