San Clemente Cars & Coffee Saturday June 27 2020

South OC Cars & Coffee
San Clemente’s Cars & Coffee is Saturday mornings in 2020.

SPECIAL EVENT on June 27 2020: San Diego Blood Bank Will Be at The Outlets

South OC Cars and Coffee is a weekly event from 9:00am to 11:00am.

South OC Cars and Coffee New Physical Distancing Rules

Display Cars will be Parked in Every Other Space

Overflow Cars will be Extended to Puma Store

California Department of Public Health Mandates Face Coverings in Public Spaces when physical distancing of 6 Feet cannot be maintained.

Physical Distancing of 6 Feet

Avoid Congregating in Groups

Please do not use the entrances opposite Starbucks and Blaze Pizza

Please Enter and Leave Quietly (Please do not enter before 8:30am)
(Residents Have Complained about Vehicle Noise)

South OC Cars and Coffee is at The Outlets at San Clemente in top level of the ocean view garage.

If the main lot is full, come back and inquire and they will open up the second area.
If that is also full, you will need to park in the adjoining lot or in the underground parking.

Up to 500-600 hypercars, supercars, exotics, vintage, classic, muscle and sports cars, hot rods, rat rods, pickups, 4×4’s and motor cycles are expected to be on display.

This is a San Clemente Free Family Friendly Event.

There have been some complaints from local residents.
Cars and Coffee needs to change things up a bit to keep them happy and to protect the show.
Please do not use the entrances opposite Starbucks and Blaze Pizza.
There will have volunteers directing anyone trying to come in through these entrances to the northern entrance by Chick-Fil-A.
Please do not arrive at The Outlets before 8:30am.
Anyone arriving early will be directed to wait behind the buildings and let in after those who arrive at the correct time.
Last but not least, please drive slowly and enter and exit quietly.
Sorry for the changing of rules.
Cars & Coffee is still trying to get their heads around dealing with the massive numbers of attendees, while keeping the neighbors happy.
Cars & Coffee really appreciate you support.

The Outlets at San Clemente ocean view location is at 101 West Avenida Vista Hermosa.

The Outlets at San Clemente Hours are 10:00am to 8:00pm Monday thru Sunday.

Times and Dates are subject to change.
Please contact the event organizer for the most up to date information.

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