Laguna Niguel Drive In Screens Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Saturday September 26 2020

Star Wars The Empire Strkes Back Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Laguna Niguel Regency Theatre is screening movies in Drive In Format in September 2020.
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back screens Saturday September 26 2020.

Laguna Niguel Drive In Rules and Guidance

All Tickets Must Be Purchased Online In Advance. One Ticket Per Vehicle.

Masks Are Required For Each Person In Vehicle
Masks will be required anytime a guest leaves the vehicle for the concessions and restrooms.
Strict adherence to Social Distancing rules enforced.

Show Times and Entry Times

Entry Time is 60 Minutes before Screening.
Screening is at 7:30pm.

Vehicles will be spaced at least six feet apart.

Films Audio Will Be Broadcast On FM Radio

All films are broadcast and can be heard in your vehicle using your FM Radio.

If your vehicle is not equipped with a radio, it is recommended to bring one.

Laguna Niguel Drive In Movies Schedule

Saturday September 26 2020: Stars Wars The Empire Strikes Back

$35.00 per Vehicle. Includes a Large Popcorn. Screens at 7:30pm

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