Laguna Beach Special Fire Season Update Monday September 28 2020

Laguna Beach California Special Fire Season Update September 28 2020

September 28 2020

The City of Laguna Beach California urges Residents to be prepared for Fire Season 2020.

“Although the fire threat is greatest in Inland Orange County, we are urging Laguna Beach residents to be prepared, and to use extreme caution over the next few days.” said Laguna Beach Fire Chief Mike Garcia.

“We do not anticipate a local Red Flag condition, but we are prepared if needed.”

City of Laguna Beach Prepares for Heightened Fire Weather Conditions

The City of Laguna Beach is prepared for extreme heat and heightened fire weather conditions this week as extreme fire weather conditions continue across Southern California.

With a dangerous combination of warm weather, increasing Santa Ana winds and low relative humidity, Laguna Beach residents are urged to maintain an elevated sense of awareness during extreme weather conditions.

City of Laguna Beach Fire Prevention Preparedness

In addition to the Laguna Beach Fire Department’s normal operations, firefighters will conduct roving fire patrols in neighborhoods, on the Fire Road and at trailheads, and will increase staffing over the next four days if Santa Ana winds increase.

Police Department Beach Patrol Officers will continue the fire watch on the Fire Road and in the Laguna Canyon Road open space, will conduct fire drone patrols over the open space, and will perform a test of the City’s new Outdoor Warning System October 7 2020.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers will staff a daytime fire watch and heat and fire information canopy at Alta Laguna Park.

Laguna Beach Fire and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department are also continuing their annual training along the Fire Road today (September 28 2020) to practice filling water dropping helicopters.

The City’s Emergency Operations Coordinator and Management Team are communicating daily to address needs as it arises.

Fire Season Safety Tips

Report fire or smoke incidents immediately by calling 9-1-1.

Open fires are never allowed within the City of Laguna Beach.

Create defensible space by removing all combustibles from around your home, including dead and dying vegetation, and trim/maintain your landscaping.

If you have a driveway or garage, please use it.

Please keep roads clear for emergency vehicles and evacuations by not parking on narrow streets.

Evaluate Your Preparedness Levels Now

Create An Emergency Plan With Your Family Template Is Online

Laguna Beach Evacuation Neighborhood Maps Is Online

Resilient Resourceful Responsible. Laguna Beach Guide To Emergency Preparedness Is Online

Alert OC Registration Is Online

Nixle Registration Is Online

Additional Information

Laguna Beach Special Fires Season Update Is Online

Laguna Beach Emergency Operations Coordinator Brendan Manning
Contact Brendan at or by phone at (949) 497-0350

Laguna Beach Fire Chief Garcia’s 2020 Wildfire Season Update September 8 2020

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