Orange County Voting Centers/Pop-Ups/Drop Boxes Monday November 2 2020

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Orange County Early Voting at Voting Centers/Pop-Ups/Drop Boxes on Monday November 2 2020.
Orange County Opens Voting Center Pop Ups continue on Monday November 2 2020 in Fullerton for the November 3 2020 Election.
California Early Voting is Monday October 5 2020 thru Monday November 2 2020.

116 Ballot Drop Boxes were opened in Orange County California Monday October 5 2020.

Orange County Pop Up Center Locations Are Online

Monday November 2 2020 at 8:00am-5:00pm

St. Jude Medical Center located at 101 E. Valencia Mesa Drive in Fullerton
Located in parking lot next to Fullerton Tennis Center

Online Map of All OC Voting Centers and Drop Boxes

OC Voting Center Open From Friday October 30 2020 thru Tuesday November 3 2020 Locations On Line

Monday 11/2/20: 8AM-8PM

Tuesday 11/3/20: 7AM-8PM

Track Your Vote By Ballot Online

Register to Vote in California

Register In Person by November 3 2020

United States Presidential Election in California is Tuesday November 3 2020.

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