Irvine Farmers Market Saturday December 12 2020

Produce Courtesy of WordPress Pexels
Produce Courtesy of WordPress Pexels

Irvine Certified Farmers Market is on Saturday’s in 2020.

Important Reminder: California Requires You to Wear A Face Covering When You Are Outside
There are some exceptions, please refer to The State of California November 16 2020 Mandate

UPDATE: August 6 2020: OC Farm Bureau Reports: The market will welcome back 60+ vendors spaced evenly through the Bonita Canyon parking lot to start, with plans to carefully increase participation in the market over time.
There will be plenty of space for vendors and customers, and measures in place to make sure everyone is able to shop safely and comfortably.

Irvine Farmers Market is at Mariner’s Church at 8:00am-12:00pm rain or shine.

Irvine Farmers Market at Mariners Church is practicing physical distancing and best health practices during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

California Certified Farmers’ Markets are the real thing – places where genuine farmers sell fruits, nuts, and vegetables directly to the public.
Every farmer who sells at a certified market is inspected by the county agricultural commissioner to make sure that he/she actually grows the commodity being sold.

Direct marketed produce travels through a very short marketing channel.
This means less handling, making it possible for farmers to sell produce at the peak of maturity and freshness.

Mariner’s Church is located at 5001 Newport Coast Drive at the corner of Bonita Canyon & Turtle Ridge Road in Irvine California.

For more information please contact OC Farm Bureau

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