Orange County COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Starts on Wednesday December 16 2020

Orange County California COVID-19 Facebook Live Press Conference on Vaccine Update Wednesday December 16 2020

Orange County California has received the COVID-19 vaccine and is administrating the vaccine to protect the community during the COVID-19 World Wide Pandemic. Orange County California is the sixth largest County in the United States.

Orange County California COVID-19 Facebook Live Press Conference on Wednesday December 16 2020 is archived on Facebook.

The County of Orange in California COVID-19 Vaccine Press Conference featured front line health care workers live vaccinations and a answer and question segment.

Orange County St. Joseph Hospital CEO Dr. Jeremy Zoch explained that right now they are facing their greatest challenges due to the fact that, “…Last summer when we had our surge that happened over July, we had the National Guard helping us and frankly this surge we have over seventy five percent more patients during this surge.”

Orange County Health Care Agency Director Dr. Clayton Chau concluded the Press Conference on a positive note by saying, “I am hopeful by late February and March that there will be enough vaccine for the general population who want to be vaccinated.”

The County of Orange reminds everyone to physically distance/wash hands/wear masks/do not mix households and gather over the holidays.

Vaccine Distribution Phased Approach

National Academy of Sciences Prioritization For COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 Resource Pages

Orange County Health COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

A COVID-19 vaccine is a very important tool to help end the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for information on the State’s plan for distribution in California.

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook for COVID-19 Vaccination Program Jurisdiction Operations Is Online

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