Greenpeace Fire Drill Fridays Features The Georgia Run Offs December 18 2020

#Greenpeace #JaneFonda #FireDrillFridays December 18 2020

#Greenpeace #FireDrillFridays features Georgia State Senator Jen Jordon on December 18 2020.
This episode also features memorable Fire Drill Fridays moments from 2020.

Join #JaneFonda and Georgia State Senator Jen Jordan.

In the final Fire Drill Friday of 2020, Jane will be joined by Georgia State Senator Jen Jordan to discuss the state of play in Georgia during the final push to the run-offs, as well as the impact of the recent general election.
This episode will also feature a very special look back at some of the most inspirational and memorable moments Fire Drill Fridays has had throughout this unprecedented and powerful year

Fire Drill Friday at 11:00am(pt) Features

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