Orange County Pacific Symphony Lantern Festival Saturday February 27 2021

Orange County California Pacific Symphony Lantern Festival February 27 2021

Orange County Pacific Symphony Lantern Festival Saturday February 27 2021.
Free Family Friendly Virtual Event on Facebook Live.

Watch Live on You Tube at 10:00am(pt) or archived and on Pacific Symphony Facebook Page at 10:00am(pt) and archived
and at The Pacific Symphony Online Site at 10:00am(pt) and archived .

The Lantern Festival, which can be traced back 2,000 years, takes place 15 days after the Lunar New Year—on the first full moon night in the lunar calendar—and marks the return of spring, representing the reunion of family.
The act of lighting and appreciating lanterns is a way for people to let go of the burdens of their old selves and express their best wishes for themselves and their families for the future.

Lantern Festival 2021 Features

Lantern Making
Dragon Dance
Prizes and more!

Lantern Festival 2021 Program Is Online

Dragon Dance

Irvine Chinese Dragon Dance Team

Chinese Dance Company of Southern California

Hanging Lanterns 燈籠掛
Dunhuang Apsaras 玲珑乐
The Joy of Kazakhs Girls 马背上的裙摆

Story of Lantern Festival and Tangyuan Demonstration

Lucas Wang

Pacific Symphony

Carnival Overture, Antonín Dvořák

Strings for Generations

2020 Program Year in Review

Paper Lantern Making

SiWei Liu 劉思薇

South Coast Chinese Orchestra

Monkey King Chapter 3, Bin He
Mojito, Jay Chou
金蛇狂舞 Dance of the Golden Snake

Pacific Symphony Youth Ensembles Violin Quartet

Dance macabre, Opus 40 (1874), Camille Saint- Saens (arr. Edgar Girtain)


Jennifer Su and Carol Chiang

Hope and Blessing

Performances by:
Irvine Chinese Choir華聲,
American Feel Young Chorus飛楊,
Evangelical Valley Children’s Choir東安兒童合唱團,
Orange County Ladies Chorus橙縣女聲,
Eastern Taiwan Women’s Ensemble知音合唱團,
Hua-Lien Yi-Chung Middle School Wind Ensemble花蓮宜昌國中管樂,
Hua-Lien Dancing School 花蓮舞蹈劇

Lantern Festival 2021 Viewer Prep Guide Is Online

For Paper Lantern Making
3-6 red envelopes or construction paper in any color
Double-sided tape, glue or a stapler
Pen or pencil
Scissors or x-acto knife
Hole punch

For Story of Lantern Festival (to make tangyuan or rice balls)
Glutinous rice powder

Print Your Own Ox Headband

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