Earth Hour 2021 is Virtual Saturday March 27 2021

EarthHour 2021 Courtesy of WWF

Earth Hour unites the world with a virtual spotlight on the health of our planet on Saturday March 27 2021.

Earth Hour Virtual Spotlight is here!
Earth Hour reminds everyone that, “2020 taught us just how important distance is, but the state of our planet and the scale of issues facing us can only be solved if we unite, not just in 2021 but beyond.”
“The good news is the past year has shown us that we have the power to create positive change!”
“Every small action makes a big difference to build a brighter future for us all.”

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) started Earth Hour in 2007 to unite the world and make a stand against climate change.
Today, Earth Hour is the world’s largest environmental movement for the planet that involves 178 countries and territories worldwide.
Each Hour purpose is to empower an interconnected global community to achieve tangible environmental outcomes for our living planet.

Earth Hour Highlights

Turn Your Lights Off at 8:30pm-9:30pm (Local Time)

Share Earth Hours Video On Your Social Media Platforms

Earth Hour Virtual Tips

Turn Your Lights Off at 8:30pm-9:30pm (Local Time)

Candlelight Dinner with Planet Friendly Foods

Partner with Earth Hour For Virtual Q & A/ Live Performances/Contests

Game Night Or Reading By Candlelight

Environmental Film Festival 2021 Online
Free Film Festival Thru March 28 2021

Voice For The Planet Petition

Camp in Your Backyard or Living Room

Learn About the Challenges and Solutions For Climate Change

Practice Night Photography

Make Simple Changes To Your Life To Help Our Planet

Earth Hours Social Media Platforms

Earth Hour is On YouTube

Earth Hour Is On Instagram

Earth Hour is on Facebook

Earth Hour Is On Twitter

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