Irvine Drive In Screens Grease Thursday April 1 2021

Grease Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Grease Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Irvine Spectrum Drive In Screens Grease on Thursday April 1 2021.
South OC Beaches has all the info for you to enjoy Irvine Spectrum Drive In Movies.

Your ultimate drive in move experience.
Enjoy the action on the largest outdoor inflatable screen and high definition transmitter.

Irvine Spectrum Drive In Movie Highlights

Listen on Your FM Car or Portable Radio

View Movie Inside Your Vehicle or Bed of Your Truck

No outside alcohol, marijuana or drugs are allowed

No animals allowed (with the exception of service animals)

Advance Ticket Purchases for All Visitors that fit Safety in Car or Truck

Ticket Scanned thru Car Window
(phone or paper copy)

COVID-19 Best Health Practices Required
Masks Required When Outside Your Vehicle
Masks Required When Visiting the Restroom
Masks Required When Visiting Concessions
Always Practice Physical Distancing

Food to Purchase at The Spectrum and Drive In Concessions

Credit & Debit Cards Accepted at Concessions

Irvine Spectrum Curbside/To Go Restaurants Are Online

Irvine Spectrum Drive In Movie Schedule

Thursday April 1 2021: Grease (Rated: PG) Screens

Purchase Tickets For $40.00 on Event Brite
Entrance at 5:00pm and Movie Starts at 7:30pm


Irvine Spectrum Regal Parking Deck 670 Spectrum Center Drive

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