Greenpeace Fire Drill Fridays Features States Climate Actions April 9 2021

Greenpeace Jane Fonda Fire Drill Friday April 9 2021

Jane Fonda’s Fire Drill Fridays are virtual in partnership with Greenpeace.
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Fire Drill Fridays April’s Virtual Rally.. .

Host Activist Jane Fonda speaks with Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

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Fire Drill Fridays Is Live On Facebook at 11:00am(pt).

Friday April 9 2021 Focus

Jane Fonda and Jay Inslee talk about the power of individual states and what they can and are doing in regards to climate action especially in relationship to federal government.

Tune in to hear how to organize and win on climate, racial, and economic justice through organizing at the local, state, and Federal level.

Right now, this means pressuring President Biden to make the THRIVE Agenda his guiding framework for economic recovery, then it means making the Green New Deal a reality.

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