Los Angeles County Indoor Mask Mandate Starts Sunday July 18 2021

Slow the Spread Wear A Mask Courtesy of covid19.ca.gov

Los Angeles County California Indoor Public Spaces Mask Mandate Starts Sunday July 18 2021.
Mask Mandate applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

LA County Indoor Public Spaces Mask Mandate Main Points

Community transmission of COVID-19 has increased in LA County.
The risk for COVID-19 exposure and infection will continue until more people are vaccinated.
It is important for everyone to help slow the spread of the virus by wearing masks indoors.

In Los Angeles County, beginning July 18 2021, everyone 2 years of age and older must wear a mask in all indoor public places, whether they have been vaccinated or not.

If you aren’t fully vaccinated, your mask is one of the most powerful tools you have to protect yourself and other unvaccinated people. This is especially true when you are in an indoor or crowded outdoor space.
If you are fully vaccinated, wearing a mask indoors gives you extra protection from getting infected and it protects other unvaccinated people.

Real world data continues to show that people who are fully vaccinated are well protected from serious illness and death from COVID-19, including the Delta variant.
But it appears that a small number of fully vaccinated persons can get asymptomatic or mild infections and may be able to infect others.
This is why even if you are fully vaccinated, you are now required to wear a mask indoors.

For masks to work properly, they need to completely cover your nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of your face and around your nose.
Your mask should be made with two or more layers of tightly woven, breathable material.

*Infants and children under 2 years of age should not wear a mask.
Children ages 2 to 8 should wear a mask only when under adult supervision.

How To Wear A Mask and What Kind Of Mask To Wear Is Featured At The LA County Public Health Online Site

LA County Mask Mandate Indoors Starts Sunday July 17 2021

Check Before You Go

Always Check With Indoor Venues Before You Go.
Some Venues are cancelling scheduled events.

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