Orange County Memorial Care COVID-19 Vaccine Informational Video August 2021

Orange County California COVID19 Vaccine Information Courtesy of Memorial Care Medical Group

A team of MemorialCare clinical leaders recently hosted a series of voluntary, informational webinars to present the latest data from the CDC and scientific community.

This video was recorded on August 11 2021.

OC Memorial Care COVID19 Vaccine Informational Video Highlights

Delta Variant (Latest CDC and Scientific Community Info)

Vaccine Efficacy

Breakthrough Cases Emerging Among Vaccinated Population

Q and A

OC Memorial Care COVID19 Vaccine Informational Video Is On YouTube

OC Memorial Care COVID19 Vaccine Information Page Is Online

COVID19 Vaccination Locations

(United States) at Vaccines.Gov

(California) at

Orange County Health Care COVID19 Vaccination Locations

OC Health Care COVID19 Mobile Pop Up Clinics Are Featured on Their Facebook Page

OC Health COVID19 Testing Information

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