Laguna Beach Coast Highway Delays Wednesday December 1 2021

Road Construction by

Laguna Beach Coast Highway Delays December 2021.

Caltrans will be improving Laguna Beach Coast Highway sidewalks to ADA specifications during Fall of 2021.

Caltrans will be widening existing sidewalks, reconstructing existing curb ramps and driveways, adding audible pedestrian systems and replacing existing pavement with rubberized asphalt pavement.

This will cause significant delays and limit parking in the area.

Traffic will be limited to one lane Monday through Friday in select Coast Highway locations.

Caltrans Coast Highway Sidewalk ADA Improvement Project Dates and Hours

Parking will be unavailable within construction limits

Northbound on Coast Highway

November 15 2021 thru December 3 2021: San Joaquin – Viejo

Viejo – Cajon: TBD

Ledroit – San Joaquin: Completed

Southbound on Coast Highway

Crescent Bay – Cliff: TBD

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