California Coastal Commission Meeting Wednesday April 6 2022

California Beaches by
California Beaches by

The California Coastal Commission April 2022 Meeting is Hybrid During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The meeting is in person in Ventura and online in April 2022.
California Coastal Commission Meeting April Meeting is Wednesday April 6 2022 thru Friday April 8 2022.
The Public is Encouraged to participate.

This Coastal Commission meeting will be conducted in a hybrid format, with public participation possible both virtually through video and teleconference, and in person.
The Commission strongly encourages continued participation virtually through video and teleconferencing due to changing Covid-19

Meeting Starts at 9:00am.

You can watch the California Coastal Commission Meetings Live and archived at Cal Span

California Coastal Commission Agenda Is Online

Wednesday April 6 Features

Executive Directors Report

Congressional Grants

California Coastal Commission New Spanish Language Online Site

Wildlife Connectivity Advisory Team

Caltrans District 5 US 101 Gaviota Pass Wildlife Connectivity Study
The spatial and temporal patterns of wildlife movements and roadkill will help ICF identify and generate recommendations for approaches and/or opportunities to enhance safe wildlife passage in the corridor and reduce the risk of wildlife-vehicle collisions.

California Coastal Art & Poetry Contest Results

The Dockside Podcast

Coastal Cleanup Planning

Emergency Permit for Laguna Beach
Construction Shoring/Storm Drain Pipe/Vegetation removal to reduce risk of wildfire

Legislative Report

Special Briefing:Current status of state and federal efforts to reduce plastic marine debris

Single Use Plastics at Commission Meeting Consideration

Public Hearing For University of California At Santa Barbara
Building Development

South Central Coast Deputy Director’s Report

Public Hearing for County of Ventura for Land Use plan

Santa Barbara Accessory Dwelling Units

South Coast District Los Angeles Deputy Director’s Report

Public Hearing for City of Redondo Beach Accessory Dwelling Units

Los Angeles County Playa del Rey Infrastructure

Thursday April 7 2022 Features: Energy, Ocean Resources & Federal Consistency Report/Humboldt Wind Energy Development/North Central Coast/Central Coast District/North Coast District/There will be no General Public Comment due to an extremely full agenda

Friday April 8 2022 Features: San Diego Coast District/South Coast District (Orange County)

Meetings thru Zoom Conference and Telephone

Community Engagement

Applicants and the public will be able to listen to and watch the meeting and comment by Zoom conference or by telephone.

Provide Comments via Zoom Conference or Phone

Provide a real-time comment via computer/tablet/phone

Listen and/or provide an audio comment by cell phone or land line

If you don’t have internet access, or you prefer to participate by phone, or you just want to listen to the meeting via your cell phone or a land line, call Commission staff at this number:
(415) 904-5202.

Email to

In the body of the email, please provide:
Your name
Your email address
Who you represent (i.e., self, another person, an organization)
The number and name of the agenda item you wish to speak on
(e.g., Item W14b, Smith)
Whether you are speaking for or against the proposed item
Whether you intend to provide a PowerPoint or video
Commission staff will send a return email to you with a link to join the Zoom meeting.

It is strongly encouraged anyone wishing to listen or speak by phone to call to request to speak by 5:00pm the day before the hearing item to assist with meeting management and limit the potential for human error.

California Coastal Commission Live Stream at Cal Span

Your voice can be heard at the California Coastal Commission Meeting.

If you have any concerns about California Beach issues you may address the Commission.

You can read the items now and submit online public comments to

California Coastal Commission Mission

The mission of the California Coastal Commission is to protect, conserve, restore, and enhance environmental and human-based resources of the California coast and ocean for environmentally sustainable and prudent use by current and future generations.

The Commission holds monthly public meetings of three to five days in length in different locations throughout the state.
The Commission meetings provide an opportunity for the Coastal Commissioners to take public testimony and to make permit, planning, and other policy decisions.
Prior to each meeting, Commission staff collects and analyzes information pertinent to meeting agenda items and prepares written staff reports with recommendations for Commission action.
These staff reports are available for public review, by contacting the appropriate Commission office. Some
elected staff reports are also available electronically by means of a link from the Commission’s
Meeting Notice.

For more information please visit California Coastal Commission.

You can watch the California Coastal Commission Meetings at Cal Span

* Any announcements regarding Commission actions will be made in public after the conclusion of the closed session.

Any announcements will also be posted on the Commission’s online agenda.

California Coastal Commission Scheduled Meetings

April 6 2022 thru April 8 2022 in Ventura California and Online
Ventura County Government Center
Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, Admin Bldg – Main Floor
800 S. Victoria Avenue. in Ventura California

May 11 2022 thru May 13 2022

June 8 2022 thru June 10 2022

July 13 2022 thru July 15 2022

August 10 2022 thru August 12 2022

September 7 2022 thru September 9 2022

October 12 2022 thru October 14 2022

November 16 2022 thru November 18 2022

December 14 2022 thru December 16 2022

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