Greenpeace Fire Drill Fridays Georgia Run Off December 4 2020

Greenpeace and Jane Fonda Fire Drill Fridays Georgia Run Offs December 4 2020

Greenpeace Fire Drill Fridays Special Georgia Run Off Edition is December 4 2020.

The last of the Fire Drill Fridays of 2020 is going to focus on the critical run-off elections for two Senate seats in Georgia.
This important outcome of will dictate whether Democrats or Republicans win control of the Senate.
Features speakers that will tell us about the amazing movement building happening on the ground, the profound implications the results will have on the government and our future, and how you can best support the work.

Fire Drill Friday at 11:00am(pt) Features

Host Activist Jane Fonda Is On Twitter

Guest Crooked Media Political Director Shaniqua McClendon is On Twitter

Deputy Director of Voter Education and Community Outreach with the Democratic Party of Georgia: Attorney Jamil A. Favors is on Instagram

Civil Rights Leader Ben Jealous Is On Facebook

Director at Asian American Advocacy Fund Aisha Yaqoob Mahmood is on Facebook

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