Orange County Bond Fire Brings Unhealthy Air Quality Friday December 4 2020

Orange County California Air Quality December 4 2020 Courtesy of South Coast AQMD

Orange County Expects Unhealthy Air Quality Due to the #BondFire on Friday December 4 2020.

South Coast AQMD Smoke Advisory Highlights

The Bond Fire is affecting air quality throughout Central Orange County in cities such as Newport Beach, Irvine, and Lake Forest with AQI levels reaching the Very Unhealthy category in places.

There are also widespread reports of Ash Fall throughout Orange County.

Limit your exposure by remaining indoors with windows and doors closed or seeking alternate shelter, and avoiding vigorous physical activity.

Areas downwind of the Bond and Airport Fires will experience the highest AQI levels due to smoke impacts. Smoke and ash impacts will be highly variable in both timing and location through Friday.

Friday Morning: Winds are predicted to be from the northeast on Friday, which will push smoke towards the southwest towards Northern and Central Orange County and portions of Southern Los Angeles County

Areas Impacted By The Bond Fire and The Airport Fire

Los Angeles County: Central Los Angeles (Area 1), Southwest Coastal LA County (Area 3), South
Coastal LA (Area 4), Southeast LA County (Area 5), East San Gabriel Valley (Area 9), Pomona-Walnut
Valley (Area 10), South San Gabriel Valley (Area 11), South Central Los Angeles County (Area 12)

Orange County: Northern Orange County (Area 16), Central Orange County (Area 17), North Coastal
Orange County (Area 18), Saddleback Valley (Area 19), Central Coastal Orange County (Area 20),
Capistrano Valley (Area 21)

Riverside County: Corona-Norco (Area 22)

San Bernardino County: Southwest San Bernardino Valley (Area 33)

The National Weather Service has a Red Flag Warning in effect until 10:00pm on Saturday that includes
the fire areas due to high winds and low humidity.

South Coast AQMD Air Quality Forecast for Friday December 4 2020 is Online

SCAQMD will issue an update if additional information becomes available.

Orange County expects Unhealthy Air Quality For Sensitive Groups Friday December 4 2020.

SCAQMD Helpful Advice For Sensitive Groups

People with respiratory or heart disease, older adults, and children should remain indoors

Keep windows and doors closed or seek alternate shelter.

Run your air conditioner if you have one and keep the fresh air intake closed and the filter clean

Don’t use indoor or outdoor wood-burning appliances, including fireplaces.

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